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Lightning to HDMI adapter:
How to connect iphone/ipad with TV?
1.Plug USB end to an open USB port or other power device that has a USB port(5W for iPhone, 10W/12W for iPad);
2.Plug lightning end to your apple products(iPhone or iPad);
3.Plug HDMI end to the HDMI port on the TV/computer/projector;
4.Wait about 5 seconds, click “trust” and it will sync successfully.
What functions does this cable support?
It supports video callings from FaceTime and Skype; supports streaming games, videos, slideshows, pictures on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Microsoft Office, etc. to your TV in up to Full 1080P HD. 
Does this HDMIcable support paid contents?Such as Netflix or Amazon Prime videos?
Due to copyright protection measures, it won’t support some paid contents including Netflix, Amazon Prime videos, Hulu, Comcast tv, Xfinity, Vudu, DIRECTV, etc. Please refer to the terms and conditions of those apps.
Can this cable charge with iphone individually?
The cable isn’t designed to charge iPhone, iPad or iPod touch,it is used for transfering data.
Voice recorder:
How to charge?How long it will take?
It will automatic when connect with PC or other USB port. About 3 hours.
How long it will last recording one time?
About 20 hours if full charge.
How to delete files?
1.Located a file, long press Vol+/Vol- to delete.
2.You can also connect with PC and delete it on computer.
How to use Voice Activated/Operated Recording function?
Long press “Menu” button enter "Recorder Set", select the VOR on and adjust the VOR  level to the moderate sensitivity; and slide up REC button to begin record.
After saving the settings, it will pause automatically when the sound volume level is low; and continue to record when sound volume level is detected.
The function is suitable for class or meeting which in a quiet surrounding with no noise.
Does this recorder support telephone recording function?
Sorry. It doesn’t support telephone recording function, please take note.
Can I name a recording?
Yes, you can name it in PC.
PH Meter:
Why it always get a wrong ph value?
1.)It maybe something wrong with the calibration,please see the following steps and cablirate it again.
1.Completely dissolved each buffer solution in 250ml distilled water.
2.Turn on the ph meter, immerse the electrode into the ph 6.86 solution.
3.Press the CAL button for 3 second and release, wait for the reading to stabilize at 6.86
- Rinse the electrode with distilled water and dry it with filter paper.
4.Immerse the electrode into the ph 4.00 solution. 
-Press the CAL button for 3 seconds and release, the display will flash 6.86, then press and release immediately second time. wait for the reading to stabilize at 4.00
- Rinse the electrode with distilled water and dry it with filter paper.
Place the meter back into buffering solution to test calibration.
2.)Please check if the agile glass probe is broken which will effect the ph value. If it’s defective, please contact seller for replacement and refund service.
Why it always shows ERR/”0000”?
It is possible that the calibration button was pressed by mistake while the electrode glass probe was exposed to air. 
In this case,please remove the batteries and put them back to reset the meter to the manufacturer setting. 
USB Microscope:

Which Computer system is required for this microscope?

Windows XP/Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10/Mac 10.6 or above;

 How to adjust magnification to 20x/300x

For change in magnification, you adjust the distance between object and scope by sliding the scope up & down short pole provided with base and refocus.

On 20x magnification, how far away is the lens from the subject?

Adjusting the focal ring changes the focal length. About 15mm space can be achieved between collar and work surface.

Computer without CD driver/CD is broken, can I download software online?

You can download it on Maozua official website or email us for help.

C110/C310+ BMW Code Reader:
What’s the difference between C110/C310+?
C310+ Supports Clear adaptation and Engine oil reset, C110 doesn't. Other functions are almost the same.
Should I buy the OBD2 adapter individually?
1997-2000 BMW car needs a 20 pin adaptor to make it work.
Can you also use this tool on other vehicles (non bmw)?
Sorry, this device is only for BMW vehicles
Does this work on Mini series?
It will support MINI_R55/R56. Other mini models are not available.
Which Computer system is required when update software? How to update?
Update file can be run on Window system, not Mac. You need install update tool first via CD then choose the correct file :C110+/C310+ on creator official website.
You can also email us for help.
Radio alarm clock:
1.I used this for the first time today and noticed that the alarm turns off by itself 2 min into it. (have it set to radio) is this normal? 
Yes.At the alarm time, the alarm sound will plays for 2 minutes.You could press button "SNOOZE" enter the snooze mode, the wake up sound will play again after 5 minutes and last 2 minutes.
2.Is it possible to set more than one alarm time? Say, at 5:00 a.m. and at 7:30 a.m.?
No,I have only been able to set one.
3.Can you turn off the sunrise feature? 
No, you can't turn off the sunrise feature. The light will always slowly go on when your alarm is set to go off. 
The sunrise function and the constant light are two separate features on the clock. 
You do have the option to shut off and adjust the brightness of the default light that can be used as a nightlight or changed to the variety of colors.
4.How many colors I can choose from?
There are seven colors you can select for this wake up light.
5.Is there a music or sound when the alarm rises? 
yes, there is a sound when the alarm clock rises. You can select a sounds or FM radio channels, so it will wake you up gently.
6.I would like to buy this for my sons room but am wondering if you are able to change the time format from 24 hour? 
You can change the time format for the wake up light from 24 hours to 12 hours(AM and PM).
7.Can you adjust the brightness of the time on the clock? 
Can’t be too bright during the night for us to sleep. Only the warm white can be adjusted to 10 different brightness.